Our Gods

by Bird Friend

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released December 16, 2014

Geoff Himsel - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Cody Lutz - Banjo
Carson Kennedy - Vocals
Kylee Jo - Fiddle

Produced by Alexster DenBaars at The Wagon Wheel, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Mastered by the immortal Andrew Eckel

All songs by Geoff Himsel

Special thanks to:
Goathead Record Collective
The Leaky Faces
Matt Eisenberg



all rights reserved


Bird Friend Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Overture (Muses)
Oh muses, tell me lies
Give me God in heaven, personified
Feed me wicked tales of my own life
Sing through me in sin, my darling
Let the devil in
The pen become the weapon
And the word become the wife

Tell me that it’s gonna be okay
You can tell all of my asshole friends they’re saved
You can sing to me your stories till the stories turn to clay
And I’ll believe you
But right now, I need you
Track Name: Where Are You?
Someday when our pantheon’s abandoned
And the weeds overtake all the pillars that we planted
I will still be waiting at the gates
For our miracle to come

While the rest of my people return to the ocean
Strip off their clothes and drift for eternity
Until the salt of the sea eats away at their tattoos

I will stare at the spot where she splintered
Worshipped a world with ourselves at the center
Caught in the obit of all things remembered
And I’ll ask
Where are you?

When OUR GODS reclaim all of the things we created
And the names of the heroes of our lives have faded
And when our old neighborhood is finally swallowed by the sea

I’ll trace your shape among the constellations
In the home that we built on the garbage of nations
And when you return just as young as the moment that we met

You will not know me for the beard that I have grown
And the centuries I have spent alone
And the ruin of what once was your home
And you’ll ask
Where are you?
Track Name: Oh, Pilgrim!
Good God, how you’ve grown
Risen from the rubble of your parents’ old home
Sweep away the ashes of your father’s old bed
Working out the wounds of the words that your mother once said

Tear down the walls if it takes all night
Scream it at the sky till it feels all right
Satiate the hunger as begotten of fear
Disassociated by the turning of the tides of the years

Oh, pilgrim! Where are you running?
The masks you wear are unbecoming
Will you cast off this veneer
And yell at the top of your lungs you’ve loved it here
Since the day that you left
The smell of wood smoke on your breath
And the weight of the world on your breast
Just a child

Cough up the coin for a college degree
Fill in the hole where the home used to be
Sort through the rubble till it all makes sense
Growing like the grass in the cracks in the garden fence

Oh, pilgrim! Where are you running?
The masks you wear are unbecoming
Will you cast off this veneer
And yell at the top of your lungs you’ve loved it here
Since the day that you arrived
Dismantled the foundations of our lives
The light of some goddess will open your eyes
And it’s all right
Track Name: The Wheel
How long will this waiting game last?
Till the irons that bind us in our caution turn to ash?
Till the storm that pours behind your eyes has come to pass?
Oh, lover – this life is fair to you
As if you thought it burned so hot your heart had turned to glass

Collar that old monster till the beast becomes your charge
The summer rain to wash away the worm within the heart
The piercing sun of noontime tears you and your muse apart
Oh, lover – this deep despair in you
Is wide awake and full of hate and wicked from the start

Tread so very lightly as to not disturb the sores
Where the sundown paints a picture reincarnate at its core
For the season’s final breath resets the wheel once more
Oh, lover – if I don’t care for you
It’s off to sea again for me, a liar seeking port
Track Name: The Road (Forever Returns to The Heart)
The city in the summer, ceaseless sun upon the stone
Breaking bonds to beg the question, beg the self to be alone
Return the gift until the feeling’s fully grown

Speaking foreign tongues, predestined miscommunication
Pleading in bad faith for some improbable elation
Liberate the beast in order to save it from starvation

Don’t ask for forgiveness, it’s okay!
Sometimes the improbable barriers between two people get in the
On hiatus from these feelings of hatred
Peel away the layers till the spirit is naked
Till it is clear that two creatures may part
For the road forever returns to the heart

Beating down the doors of the prison that you are
Humble messenger of heaven, Holy Ghost in a parked car
Lit upon the road that forever returns to the heart
Track Name: Granite & Gold
Put the kettle on, pour another cup
Drain all the blood from my body
Burn me alive, build me a raft
Float me on oceans of cheap diner coffee

Searching my mind for your face
Ugly and ancient, adrift for an age
Wherever you lay, I’ll remember you saying
We’re two stupid kids without name

Burn out your heart in the best of your years
The ember in your chest forever is smoking
The core of some torment, ruthless and real
You must have thought I was joking

May our bed collect mildew and mold
The ocean despoils our granite and gold
Wherever you go, I’ll remember you glowing
OUR GODS’ own attendant and guise
Track Name: The Fear, The Fear
Is it the fear of the things that have made us?
The clay by which OUR GODS create us?
Or the spirit that often betrays us?
Throw it away

Is it the fear that someday things will change?
Sell my guitar just to spend one more day
With a world we so often forsake
Throw it away

I never thought I’d see the day
That you and I would behave
Like the angry grown-ups into which we’ve turned
You’re a wildfire and you burn, burn, burn

Is it the fear at the heart of survival?
The trembling hands that authored our bible?
Or the poison in the roots of our denial?
Throw it away

Is it the fear of the loss of control?
Or that someday you all will grow old?
Or that OUR GODS have the rights to our soul?
Throw it away
Track Name: Our Gods
Rivers of whiskey run wonderful, wild
I’m white winged and wasted, a beautiful lie
Two decades deep, and still but a child
Swim out to sea under unexplored skies

Begging forgiveness from unreal unholy great monsters
OUR GODS are not people, they are far more haunting
A light in the dark, indelible spark
Of some hell sent and horrible memory of our own lives

Battered and broken on the earth’s jagged jaw
Hurled into Tartarus, damned for a fortnight to fall
Helpless before the horror of our heaven’s law
Searching the meadows of moonlight for something at all
Track Name: Sucker & St. Joan
Someday we’ll get a little older
And things will get a little clearer
And I’d walk these shoes to dust, just to be a little nearer

Throw away my cigarettes
And drink a little less
Get through the day without funneling garbage into the hole that
was my chest

And we can make some money
And if you’re still willing
We can burn the whole world down or at least ditch this fucking

So go ahead
I’ll see you in Hell
Sure as shit I know the firelight will suit you well

And it’s funny how the time goes
When our eyes are closed
Or when our lives are focused
On something our friends don’t know about us
Or when you promise something like my darling
I swear to God, I’ll never ever go

Somewhere you did
Somewhere you will
Somewhere you are all together still

So I left New Mexico
For a couple of days
And when I returned nothing had changed

My friends were there
Sitting on the stoop
Drinking a beer and kicking off their shoes
Track Name: Maybe, Pt. 2
So maybe we are sick
The victim of some vile trick
Some simulation of our flawed creator’s nervous tick

Or freaking out or fucking up
Habitually drunk
Or lying down and waiting for the end of days to come

Maybe we are losers
Fed by cigarettes or booze
Or screwed up, anxious, angry, loveless, worrying and crude

But when I catch the devil’s gaze
I’ll dare to disobey and say
That you and I and everything are gonna be okay