by Bird Friend

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released February 26, 2016

geoff himsel: vocals, guitar, saxophone, percussion
lucas baca: vocals, bass guitar, guitar, violin
peach tauzer: percussion

carson kennedy: vocals
felipe jensen: trombone

recorded at the bungalow, abq, nm

produced by bird friend with help from the indomitable andrew eckel and "mad" matt eisenberg

special thanks to:
richard "dick" davidson
caitlyn calhoun
adam snider
bella trout
spencer bargas
gabe barva
cody lutz
issac vallejos

loser fuel 2016



all rights reserved


Bird Friend Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: The Mountain
oh bring me down my weapon
from the crawlspace by your bed
i have seen the mountain
and i will go there tonight
and surely 'fore the moonlight has left us

oh 'cause tonight all the earth
and all the heavens are a circuit
and the engine is the goddess alone
the crack in your bed the voice in your head
the sun and the sandstone the moon and the jawbone oh no

it is only one more mile
'til we reach the promised land
she rests her heel on the big chrome wheel
and laughs
who put these things in your head?

oh i can hear em
it isn't any secret
the road isn't sacred
try and repeat that with me
the miles return to the mountain
and i can hear the ground is shaking
Track Name: Flood Song I
you are crossing
under the wire
and i pray that the water don't come
for to carry you down

you are singing
i am transfigured
and i hope that this flood lifts
my tired feet off the ground

you are glowing
i surrender
pluck a hair from your head
weave the thread through your hospital gown

you are wading
in the water
chanting darling it's okay
it's all out of your hands now

oh but homeless and horrified looking away
from your eyes beyond death as they sweetly say
i am the architect of your destruction lover
i am gonna make you pay
Track Name: Flood Song II
well she left us with emeralds in our eyes
and a field of wildflowers in our hair
and they left her body lying
on the horace greely highway
on the fourth of july when there was nobody there
but what light is this?

she awoke the next morning from the sand and the foam
borne on the back of something sinister
and casting her eyes
to the funeral pyre
she cries all these rivers they must roll on forever
what light is this?
Track Name: 1994
in half a century
they will mass produce the poison
that will finally take me
from this place
cartwheeling through the twin ends
of this vast inner space
floating free
from the anchor contingence erased

on nights like these
i fear the creature
will finally take me
from my sleep
walking the miles of myth
of a cruel misery
speaking with stones in the tones
of a prehistory

go on darling go on get some rest
your body is a criminal
go on darling go on get some rest
i am not responsible
Track Name: Three Graces
around the hanging tree last night
you come down from your cloud to say
that here beside the glow of god's own gaslight
we were saved

and when she finally heard the news
it was a year ago today
she wept over her coffee in the drawing room
as if to say

three wishes for the race of man
three stitches in the guiding hand
it is written that it all trickles down
three to watch while the elephant bled
three graces return in chains to the homestead
it is written that it all trickles down

tall tales of a former life here
your letters were a legend but you lied
it was the glow on your daddy's chrysler
that finally made me blind

and in the upstairs bedroom
your head was slowly swelling as you cried
my god i think this holy water's
finally eating me alive

it's fine
it's okay
i don't think it matters
Track Name: When I Quit Drinking
when i quit drinking
i will come see you
at the bleeding edge of the empire i will make peace with you

you been waiting
i been long wandering

along the wire
here by the driveway
widows walk with heads of their husbands in hand

and you and your sister
watched the wagons from the screen door

the dogs in the yard
peek through the bars
and howl at the ambulance bells

the storm crossed the desert
with great white sails

and out in the yard
by the big black car
the ash from the pine fire piled like snow in your hair

and in the right light
they said you looked like an angel
Track Name: Dancing
superstitious sweetheart you're a mess
sick and seeking sanctuary in your own distress
the embers of an adolescence smolder in your breast
but you're the same

sweetheart clip my wings i am a skeptic
with everything in motion you're a pawn you must accept it
god you are an angel when you choose to least express it

she says i am no beauty
i am cruel and i am haunting
i am weak and i am weary
i am sure you do not want me

and i say although i am already married
to the demon drink
i like the way you think
so let's go

a little life and the city lights and now you figure
the world it ain't my garden no it's so much fucking bigger
and although i can't see the stars behind a tide of piss and vinegar
i've changed

and now the lip splits open
the salt of a single syllable misspoken
and the lock outside your bedroom door is always broken
but i'll wait

i said i am inert
i am the vessel and you steer me
i am supervised and sickened by
the things that i hold dearly

and she reeled me in by singing
oh my dear i'm nothing like my mom and dad
so put the money in the bag
and we'll go
Track Name: Flood Song III
outside the dogs are barking
just a little while 'til we see some lightning
the cannons are ready and the river swells
and it's all spilling over like your daddy's beer belly

the breadth of the water and the strength of man
your father was a sailor your mother was the brass band
long hair caught in the engine
tilt your head back and taste of the medicine

outside the dogs are laughing
the screen door slams and the rafters are snapping
the cannons are ready but the coffee is thin
and it tastes like the oil put a hole in the wineskin

the cannons get a little louder
and all the while white waters surround her
the firelight illuminates the bed
and it's fine your eyes roll back into your head

and she comes from on high and says ooh do you recognize me?
i am your maker
Track Name: Highway 40
every night i see you climbing down the stillhouse stairs
as graceless as the hollow carcass of the yankee flyer
the seven hands of heaven scratching at the surface
of the seven dirty rivers running by her
so i dipped my fingers in
because your feet had touched the surface
but it tasted like the snow
upon the town where i once lived and i said
why can't i go there
why can't i go there too?

i looked in the holy mirror and i was hunting you backwards
down the artery whose blood runs with the santa fe chief
there was blood in my boots too and it tasted just like you
and the union of our lives however brief
so i dipped my fingers in
because i thought it was the currency
of all the heroes faraway from home and i said
i guess i don't care
i guess i don't care too
Track Name: Liberty Revisited (Revisited)
by the time that you opened up your eyes
it was over
the carnival come
to a halt in the night

and the ghosts with no place to go
look so much older
the lantern inside
your mind's eye reignites

oh but when we complete
this archaic recital
any temperance left
has just yet to see trial

and the you of your youth
is completely defiled
and you name what remains
as your reality

you finally got your liberty

back in the crucible
your life just used to be
so provincial
the people so absorbed in their misery

you're a hometown hero
of the highest degree
but you're just trying to atone
for your fucked up family

and as sure as our god
builds his home on the shore
and as righteous as you are
you will ask for one more

chance to return our lives
back to the way that they were
but when you disappear darling
i will know the score

know the score
Track Name: Acoma
the silver sings of foreign lands
take it from my shaking hands
leave quivira far behind
cibola beckons fifty miles nigh
tonight the gears of heaven
will turn like dancers

the will of god has come to pass
the bodies buried in the buffalo grass
spit the blood between my gums
and open up the gates of zion
tonight the blue mountains
will reveal the answer